About our Company


Founded in august 1994, the FIWI- HŰT Kft. company  bought an old cold storage in Tata.

After the necessary investements, already in the same year we received  the export license (HU-91).

The company started immediately with buying up of big game (deer,wild boars, roe deers and  mouflon), as well as with its export to the EU – States.

Despite tough competition, Fiwi-Hüt Kft. could rise the initial purchase from 200t of big game in the first year to over 1.000t in the year 2004, and in  2012 we rised the quantity to more than 2.000t.


The initial main activity of the company, purchase and export of venison, has expanded in 1998 with the processing activity. The quantities processed  expanded annually and in many European countries you will find  the products from  Fiwi-Hüt Kft.

In 2013 we built a new processing facility in the industrial zone of Tata, which is working with the export permission  (HU-1163).

The new facility is one of the most modern processing plant in Europe, which corresponds with its  facilities and equipment to the strictest professional - and administrative regulations.


The processing- and labeling is done primarily by the wish  of the buyer, products with or without bone, vacuum packed, fresh or frozen, in  bags and with the emblems of Fiwi-Hüt.Kft.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the  HACCP system and the skill of our butchers.

95% of our products are sold to markets in 10 EU countries, and aswell for many years we do  export to Moscow too.

We are pleased to welcome you among our satisfied customers.